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A bingo card is not just a bingo card. First of all, there is more than just one kind of bingo and the cards for each kind looks different. And of course, the different software providers make their own designs.

Below is a brief guide to bingo cards on the net. Below, you will find an overview of the different types of bingo cards used in bingo rooms reviewed by


Different types of bingo cards

Just like it is the case with many other online games, you will find many different types of bingo software. This means that you will also find many different kinds of bingo cards.

Many bingo rooms often share the same `network´. This means that many bingo rooms are, basically, the same, and, as a consequence, are using the same kind of bingo cards. Colours, layout and other details may vary a great deal, though.

Below, you will find some of the most commonly used bingo cards. The text below each card states which bingo room it comes from.


Bingo card from 1gaming software. It is used by Mariabingo, among others


Bingo card from Aqua Gaming software. Used by Bingo Ballroom, among others


Bingo cards from Playtech software


Bingo cards from Ladbrokes Bingo (private software)


Bingo card from Party Bingo (private software)


Bingo card from St. Minver/Parlay


All of these bingo rooms have one thing in common: We, at, can vouch 100% for the quality, software and security of the bingo rooms that we have reviewed.


We hope that you will have lots of fun playing online bingo. Good luck!


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  Bingo Room BonusFree Bonus Review
Ladbrokes Bingo£ 20NoneReview
888 Ladies Bingo£ 150£ 5Review
Mecca Bingo£ 50NoneReview
Foxy Bingo£ 300NoneReview
Wink Bingo£ 200NoneReview

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