Bingo Dictionary

Bingo dictionary. Below, you will find a list of some of the bingo terms that you are most likely to come across, when you visit an online bingo room.

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Admission packet:

The minimum number of bingo cards that you have to purchase, in order to participate in a game.

You will typically have to purchase a so-called `Admission packet´, which for a standard game normally consists of 3 to 6 bingo cards (it may also contain special games).

The exact contents of an `admission packet´ may vary from one bingo room to another.


Bingo board:

Electronic flashboard, showing each number that is called out.



Pattern that requires that you fill out the entire card, in order to win. Usually, between 50 and 60 of the 75 numbers must be called out, before the entire card can be filled. Blackouts as low as 43 numbers do occur, however



The act of exchanging cash for bingo cards.




Person (or machine) calling out the numbers in a bingo game.



The bingo card, consisting of 24 numbered squares and one blank square. The randomly generated numbers are divided into five columns, with five numbers in each column (5 x 5 = 25, including the blank square). The numbers found in column B range from one to 15. Column I: Numbers from 16 to 30. Column N: numbers from 31 to 45. Column G: Numbers from 46 to 60. And, finally, column O: Numbers from 61 to 75). The players get to choose between several thousand cards, each of which is unique.


Chat room:

A screen, which can, usually, be kept open while you are playing the game (or while you are waiting for the game to begin). This function enables you to chat with other players, as well as with the Chat Master of the bingo room.


Chat Master:

A Chat Master, often abbreviated CM, is a person hired by the bingo room, to be in charge of the chat. The main objective of any Chat Master is to wish the players good luck, and, of course, to help solve any problems that may occur.

Consolation Prize:

In some special bingo games, one or more consolation prizes are at stake in case no winner has been found by the time a certain amount of numbers has been called out. This amount of numbers is fixed beforehand.



Another word for Blackout: Pattern that requires that you fill out the entire card, in order to win.


Early Bird Game:

Bingo game which begins before the time another game is scheduled to begin.


Flimsy, Flimsies:

Bingo cards that are printed on thin sheets of paper. Normally, there are three cards on one sheet, but `flimsies´ also come in formats of one, two, six or nine cards per sheet.

Usually, the price of `flimsies´ is one or two pounds. Most frequently, the prizes in `flimsy´ games are slightly higher than in ordinary bingo games. `Flimsies´ are also sometimes referred to as `Throwaways´.


Free space:

The blank square at the centre of the bingo card. This square is, so to speak `given to you´, free of charge, in every game. Since the blank square counts in winning patterns, it can be considered a kind of `joker´.


Game Board:

An electronic display, which is connected to the bingo card. The purpose of the game board is to show you which pattern you need to complete, in order to win the game that you are playing.


Game room:

In most bingo rooms, the total number of players is divided between various `game rooms´. This is mainly to make the chat rooms more clearly structured, and to create a more personal/cosy atmosphere.


Hardway Bingo:

Bingo game in which the `free´ blank square at the centre of the card is not used.



Large prize, which is released when a player manages to complete a special/especially difficult pattern (i.e. a Blackout) within a certain number of balls.


Lucky Jar, Cookie Jar:

Jar that contains money. You will win the contents of the jar, in case you get a bingo at a certain `lucky number´. At the beginning of a longer bingo session, the `lucky number´ is usually the first number to be drawn. Money is added to the jar every time the numbers comes up, or whenever the caller makes a mistake. As a rule, ordinary bingo games are the only type of games in which you can win `The Lucky Jar´.


Minimum Buy-in:

The minimum amount of money that you have to invest, in order to be able to receive prize money.


Money Ball:

A number that is drawn before the game begins. When a player gets a bingo on that number, his/her winnings will be doubled.


Moonlight Bingo:

Bingo session that takes place late in the evening. Usually begins around 10 pm.


Multiple Winners:

This situation occurs whenever there are two or more winners in a game. In that case, the prize money is shared between the winners. For example, if there are five winners in a $ 500 game, the winners receive $ 100 each.




A player is said to be `On´ when he/she is just one number away from getting bingo on one or more cards.


On the way:

Game that is being played prior to a Blackout game. Once the `On the way´ game(s) have taken place, additional numbers are called out, until someone strikes a Blackout.


Pattern (of numbers):

The pattern that you need to complete on your bingo card, in order to win the game. The numbers that form this pattern are the only numbers that you need. A very popular pattern is `Blackout´ or `Coverall´, where all squares on the card must be filled.



The percentage of the bingo room´s turnover that is being paid to the players, in the form of prize money. The average payout percentage is around 75. In other games, such as Lotto, the payout percentage is only around 45.


Progressive Jackpot:

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot which keeps on growing, until somebody wins it. Various forms of progressive games supply the jackpot with more money. In most cases, games with progressive jackpots have separate buy-ins.


Six-pack, Nine-pack:

Six or nine numbers within a cluster on a bingo card.

Speed Bingo:

A certain variation of ordinary bingo, where the numbers are drawn very quickly, and where it is possible to get a bingo within as little as three numbers.


Speedgame, Speed game:

A coverall game, in which the numbers are drawn very quickly.


Split Pot:

A bingo game, in which the winner and the bingo room shares the profit made from the sale of bingo cards. For example, it may be that the winner gets 60 % of the profit, while `the house´ takes the remaining 40 %.



Texas Blackout:

Bingo variation, in which the game depends on whether the first number drawn is even or uneven. In case the first number is even, all even numbers count as jokers, and must be crossed of right away. If the first number is uneven, all uneven numbers must be crossed off. The game then continues in the usual way.



Go to `Flimsy/flimsies´.


Wild Number:

A `Wild number´ (when used) is defined in the following way: A wild number is the first number to be drawn in a bingo session. If, for example, the number 42 comes up, all number ending with `2´ must be crossed off right away.


Wrap up:

The last game in a bingo session.




  Bingo Room BonusFree Bonus Review
Ladbrokes Bingo£ 20NoneReview
888 Ladies Bingo£ 150£ 5Review
Mecca Bingo£ 50NoneReview
Foxy Bingo£ 300NoneReview
Wink Bingo£ 200NoneReview