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Bingo rules. Getting started with online bingo is fast and easy. At, we will be happy to provide you with any help that you may need, in order to get a good, secure start. We also suggest that you read our other online bingo guides:

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The rules of bingo

The main reason why getting started with online bingo is so easy is that many online bingo rooms look almost identical.

As a principal, some bingo rooms are, in fact, identical, because they are using the same bingo software, in different, individual setups.

Apart from that, the bingo rules themselves are very simple.

Below, you will find a brief summary of bingo rules. We will assume that we are dealing with an ordinary bingo game, with 75 balls/numbers (you will also find games with 90 balls/numbers, but the rules remain almost the same, so we do not need to go into further details).

If the number that is drawn matches a number on the bingo card(s) that you have purchased, you cross of that number on your card(s). In online bingo, you do not have to worry about the crossing off, since it is done automatically (if you want it to).

Whenever a certain pattern is completed in your bingo card, you win. The following patters count as winning criteria:


  • A horizontal row
  • A vertical column
  • A diagonal row
  • Specialised patterns (vary from room to room)


Your chances of winning depend entirely upon how many cards you have purchased, and upon the number of participants in the game.



Bingo cards

The number of bingo cards held by each individual player depends entirely on how many cards the individual player has chosen to purchase, prior to the beginning of the game.

On each bingo card, you will find 5 horizontal rows, and 5 vertical columns.

From left to right, the columns have been labelled with the letters `B´, `I´, `N´, `G´ and `O´. With one exception, all squares of the bingo card have a number. The square in the middle of the card is blank.

The numbers are distributed in the following way:

All squares in column B contain the numbers 1-15
All squares in column I contain the numbers 16 – 30
All squares in column N contain the numbers 31 – 45
All squares in column G contain the numbers 46 – 60
All squares in column O contains the numbers 61 – 75


Each number can only appear once at the same bingo card.




  Bingo Room BonusFree Bonus Review
Ladbrokes Bingo£ 20NoneReview
888 Ladies Bingo£ 150£ 5Review
Mecca Bingo£ 50NoneReview
Foxy Bingo£ 300NoneReview
Wink Bingo£ 200NoneReview