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Online bingo and sefety. Are you in doubt whether or not it is safe to play online bingo?

If so, you are not the only one having doubts. You can rest assured, though. As a binding link between bingo rooms and the online bingo players, the main objective of is to:


  1. Enable bingo players to feel safe, by making sure that we select/review bingo rooms of nothing but the highest quality, and, even more importantly, that these bingo rooms are run by 100% honest people!
  2. It is the duty of to assure you that, when you play bingo at one or more of the bingo rooms that we have listed, you can be sure to receive both your winnings and your bonus money (read more about bingo bonus), as well as the quality product and the impeccable service that you are entitled to.


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What we do to provide a safe and pleasant overall bingo experience for our players …

At this moment, it might be appropriate to briefly explain how we, at, work. This is not least to give you an understanding of how a review of a bingo room is made:

First of all, it is not enough for us just to know the name of the bingo room. We must also feel confident about its quality.

First, we examine our sources (we have years of experience with various partners within online gaming), using Google, and by getting an impression of the bingo room in question (using common sense).

If, according to the criteria mentioned above, a bingo room is approved for reviewing, we contact the game provider in question (though, in some cases, the game provider contacts us), and a cooperation is established. is given a personal contact (name, telephone number. Msn, etc.), whose job it is to answer any questions, regarding security, the bingo room in general, and regarding the competitions that we, from time to time, arrange in cooperation with the game providers.

If you would like to know more about the criteria used by to select bingo rooms, please go to: Online bingo.

These are the circumstances upon which has major influence.
But, you may ask, what about the more technical aspects of online bingo?


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Play bingo at Mecca Bingo


Methods/systems of payment

Of course, one of the major concerns, when starting to play online bingo, is whether or not it is safe to pay money to any given game provider.

We would like to point out that we do not review bingo rooms that are using anything but the latest, most advanced security systems.

Today, security systems for making financial transactions online have reached a level where using your credit card online must be considered less risky than using it offline.


Experience and `know-how´

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the trust that we hope you have (or will get) in is the binding link between you and the game providers.

This trust should be based upon the experience and know-how that we have obtained within our field. If you would like to know more about who we are, and what our main objectives are, you can find more information here: Contact.

You are also welcome to contact us at:


Play at Mecca Bingo - Click here

Play bingo at Mecca Bingo


Below, you will find a list of the secure and service-minded online bingo rooms that we, at, have selected and reviewed for our users:



  Bingo Room BonusFree Bonus Review
Ladbrokes Bingo£ 20NoneReview
888 Ladies Bingo£ 150£ 5Review
Mecca Bingo£ 50NoneReview
Foxy Bingo£ 300NoneReview
Wink Bingo£ 200NoneReview

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