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Online bingo is bound to become the greatest gaming craze of the future. But is online gaming, including bingo, more than just an entertaining pastime?

In the eyes of, the answer is most certainly yes! Let us explain why.


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Internet bingo – fun and challenges

It is a scientifically recognised fact that (apart from being a lovely pastime) there are several positive sides to playing games. For example, all games enhance your ability to concentrate.

Furthermore, some games (such as chess and backgammon) train your logical thinking, whereas other games, like poker, for example, improve your sense of different combinations/patterns, your strategic thinking (this is the case for all of the aforementioned games) and/or your social skills/ability to co-operate.

Other games may improve your imagination, etc.


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Advantages to internet bingo

As you may know, internet bingo is a lovely pastime, not least because it contains a strong social element.

Some people may claim that there is no way in which a game such as online bingo, which is based entirely upon luck, can help develop a person´s mental skills. Some scientists have a different opinion on this matter, though.

After having tested the mental capacity of bingo players, scientists at the institute of psychology at the University Of Southampton concluded that bingo helps your brain stay sharp, because you have to remember the numbers that are being called out.

In comparison with people who did not play bingo, bingo players showed far better results, measured upon their mental swiftness, their memory skills and their ability to perceive information.

Furthermore, something seems to indicate that playing bingo has help reduce the memory loss often experienced by elderly people.

So even though most online bingo rooms have a function where the computer automatically ticks off the numbers on your bingo card, you may want to consider not using this function, if you want to give your brain a bit of exercise.


Advantages and drawbacks

Apart from the fact that you have the chance of winning, or losing, large sums of money, the mental/social advantages of playing, for example, online bingo, are quite considerable.

However, one very important question remains: Do these benefits really make up for the very serious risk of becoming a pathological gambler?

At the moment, we do not know of any scientific research on the matter. Thus, we can only conclude that nothing in this world is entirely black or white, and that the matter must be seen from more than one perspective.


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