The game of keno has become quite popular in recent years. But what is keno really about? Join for a journey into the fascinating world of keno.



What is keno?

The ancient Chinese lottery game of keno came to Europe in the 19th century. The game itself is very similar to bingo, since both games are about having the `right´ numbers (which are called out a random) on your gaming card.

In keno, however, you create your own gaming card (as opposed to bingo, where all of the numbers are already printed on the gaming card when you buy it).

In keno, the player receives a note with 80 numbers on it. Before the game begins, you tick off 20 of these numbers. Then, 80 numbers are randomly drawn from a large glass bowl. The objective of the game is to have as many matching numbers as possible.

Getting all 20 numbers right is virtually impossible. However, there are also prizes for having fewer matching numbers on your card.

Naturally, the game of keno has survived into the 21st century, and is now found in cyberspace. In online keno, an RNG (Random Number Generator) picks out the numbers entirely at random.



Is it possible to play online Keno through

Let us answer this question very briefly: Yes, it is! Most bingo sites offer various games, such as scratch games, slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and, of course, keno. guides you to the best gaming sites on the net. Whenever we recommend a bingo hall, you can rest assured that the keno games and bingo games offered by that bingo halls are of an equally high standard.




  Bingo Room BonusFree Bonus Review
Ladbrokes Bingo£ 20NoneReview
888 Ladies Bingo£ 150£ 5Review
Mecca Bingo£ 50NoneReview
Foxy Bingo£ 300NoneReview
Wink Bingo£ 200NoneReview