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Would you like to get started with online bingo? Well, you have come to the right place …

Online bingo is a fairly new phenomenon. Generally speaking, the phenomenon of online bingo did not come into existence until a few years ago.

In other words, we are currently witnessing a whole new trend. At, we already have a large amount of experience with online bingo (due to the fact that we are also running the Danish websites, and

This is your guarantee for the best possible guidance, when it comes to online bingo.


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Playing online bingo in cosy settings

The objective of is to create cosy and safe settings for you to play online bingo in.

The settings are cosy and safe, because our demands to the game providers are quite strict, as far as quality/service is concerned.

This is to ensure that, when playing bingo through, you will be directed to nothing but the best, most reliable bingo rooms on the net.


What are the differences between offline and online bingo?

Although online bingo is, basically, the same as ordinary offline bingo, there are some differences, which should be taken into consideration, before switching from offline to online bingo.

Below, we have tried to outline some of the most essential differences:

  • Credibility of the game provider
  • Bingo bonuses
  • Online bingo software
  • Online bingo chat


Online bingo Credibility of the game provider

It goes without saying, that the credibility of any given game provider is the most essential factor of all. When selecting/reviewing a bingo room, credibility is the first factor taken into account by the team.

During our time as bingo guide, we have never heard of any players having had problems with any of the bingo rooms listed at our website. And we certainly have no intention of lowering our standards.

In case you experience problems with an online bingo room, is always there to back you up, and to help you solve the problem.

Furthermore, we have our own contact within each individual bingo room that we have listed.

This is part of the standard safety procedure of We also use this contact when negotiating new, favourable bonuses for our users, and/or when setting up competitions of some sort or another.

Very briefly put: You are perfectly safe when using the online bingo rooms listed at, as well as when registering as a user.


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Play bingo at 888Ladies Bingo


Bonuses in online bingo

In online bingo, like in most other online games, bonuses are essential factors, which should not be underestimated. One gigantic advantage to online bingo, compared to offline bingo, is that fact that practically all online bingo rooms offer to welcoming bonus to new players. This bonus may range from £ 25 to £ 250. helps you find the most favourable bonuses, in the best online bingo rooms, and also provides exclusive bonus for players who sign up via


Online bingo software

Online bingo software is, of course, a matter of taste, just like the interior of the room that you are in while offline bingo is a matter of taste.

However, at, we still have some overall demands, as far as online bingo software is concerned: First and foremost, its quality must be top notch. Therefore, we have chosen to list bingo rooms of nothing but the highest quality.

After all, quality is rarely a matter of taste!


Online bingo chat

Along with online bingo comes a dimension which is known from `real life´ bingo: Conversation. In an online bingo room, the chat function makes it possible to have conversations with other participants.

Thus, conversation, which is, perhaps, the most essential element of offline bingo, becomes an integrated part of online bingo. In the opinion of, online bingo would have a very hard time surviving without chat functions. This is because conversation is what makes bingo such a cosy game to participate in.

In online bingo chats, you will also find a lot of smileys, which may help make everything a bit more fun.

Welcome to – Have fun!


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Play bingo at 888Ladies Bingo



  Bingo Room BonusFree Bonus Review
Ladbrokes Bingo£ 20NoneReview
888 Ladies Bingo£ 150£ 5Review
Mecca Bingo£ 50NoneReview
Foxy Bingo£ 300NoneReview
Wink Bingo£ 200NoneReview

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